Bellydance Egyptian Style – The Baladi

Ranya Renee

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On February 18
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Everything you ever needed to know about Baladi

This is a simply amazing set of 2 DVD's by Ranya Renee.  If you want to understand Baladi, this set is an absolute must-have!

When I say "understand" Baladi, that's exactly what I mean.  This isn't a belly dance technique class or a choreography DVD - it's a detailed examination of the essence of baladi.

If you're an intermediate/advanced dancer seeking to create your own choreographies to progressive Baladi or Baladi song, this set will help you develop your depth of understanding of the music, and what kind of moves are appropriate for each style or section.

Ranya works extensively with her team of live musicians, explaining the different styles and rhythms - in fact there's about half an hour of analysing the music before a single move is made.

I wouldn't recommend this DVD to a novice as they wouldn't be ready to appreciate the nuances - but a more advanced dancer will value it as 3 hours of solid material.

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